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Plymouth in UNISON branch have been campaigning for Band 2 HCAs to be uplifted to Band 3 across UHP sites, following a job evaluation process taken on by the NHS Trust in November 2022, which saw many HCAs taking on responsibilities above their job description such as undertaking patient obs and clinical skills such as bloods, wound obs, ECGs etc. Alongside this call for an uplift we also call on UHP to follow the precedent of other NHS Trusts in the Region and Country, including Cornwall, Bristol and Somerset and even locally in LiveWell.

The branch has therefore, launched a Petition in order to show HCAs that colleagues stand with them in this campaign. You can find the petition here and attached is a leaflet which you can share with others: https://forms.office.com/e/qQEHzHRJ4i

The Trust have been dragging their heels for a long time and in September the Branch learnt that the Trust were looking to uplifting HCAs however, did not offer an acceptable ‘compensatory/recognition’ payment, also known as backpay, which goes against the precedents set by other NHS trusts. UNISON rejected this proposal and launched a dispute with the Trust.

In December, UNISON received another offer from the trust. They had come up with an offer of implementation from April 2023 and backpay to November 2022, for those who have been in post since then. However, again UNISON do not support this offer, as the Trusts across the region and country have been receiving over 4 years of backpay.

We are now asking for UNISON members to show their support for HCAs and show this support by signing the petition. The wording of the petition is below:

“Sign our petition to show our HCA colleagues at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust that you support them. Despite years of working above their grade University Hospitals Plymouth have finally agreed to uplift HCAs to Band 3 but are robbing them of recognition payments that they are owed. Their work needs to be valued. They deserve to be treated as other HCAs across the country and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust need to adhere to the agreed job evaluation process and pay them recognition payments.

We, the undersigned believe that our HCA colleagues are a vital part of our dedicated NHS Team without whom, University Hospitals Plymouth Trust would not function without their essential work, but they have not had the uplift or recognition pay to match. All UHP workers deserve to be treated equally and in line with the NHS Job Evaluation process and we support our colleagues in their grievance to the Trust.”

UHP Petition Leaflet ACTUAL