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It’s been another busy year at Livewell for Plymouth in Unison (PIU). Our membership numbers are still tracking upwards with showing no signs of slowing down and due to the volume of members we have, we command a strong collective voice within Livewell southwest to help shape the future of the company.

PIU at Livewell have a reputation for being there for our members when they need it most, but to help service the demand of our members, we need additional reps to step forward. If you are thinking about taking the next step up and becoming more active within your branch, now is the time to do it and become a steward. full training and support will be provided with paid time off from your day job to fulfil Trade union activities. Please contact your branch or daviddodd@nhs.net for further information. Take on an official role as a rep or steward | Get active in your workplace | UNISON National

This year we have continued to support our members at Livewell through grievances, capabilities, disciplinary processes, sickness issues, as well as engaging with organisational change. Our reps sit on local committees at Livewell including Joint Committee Consultation Negotiation, Health and Safety committee, wellbeing groups, estates forums, amongst others, to ensure our members concerns are heard.

We also have seats on regional meetings including the Devon Integrated care services partnership forum, regional social partnership forums and Unison Regional Health service group executive. Every year we send delegates to both UNISONs National Health conference and National Delegates Conference ensuring our voice at Livewell is heard at a national level.

This year we have continued to ensure members at Livewell are treated fairly.  You might remember last year at Livewell our band 2 health care assistants were all uplifted to band 3 following an exhaustive campaign.  This year, those HCAs in scope received up to £4000 backpay following a prolonged campaign to ensure our members got paid for what they have did in the past especially during the Covid years.

We have campaigned and supported Livewell in their workplan to apply the Just and Learning Restorative Justice principles and we believe that when this is fully adopted, all members should see a culture change within the organisation, ensuring it’s a better place to work. Implementing a just and learning culture | NHS Employers  .

We have also have agreement in place  for Livewell  to adopt UNISONs violence at work  charter End Violence at Work Charter | End violence at work | UNISON National . This commitment forms part of a wider national picture to tackle the growing pattern of violence and aggression experienced by staff working for the NHS.

Following the national pay award and the subsequent decision of the government not to fund the non-consolidated pay award for staff at Livewell. We successfully lobbied MPs, Local Politicians, Unison National pay negotiators and the press as part of a campaign to get the £5Million it cost to fund that part of the national pay award back into Plymouths health economy. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/plymouths-livewell-nurses-cash-bonus-8894731?utm_source=app&fbclid=IwAR1S667DlDNoNFusQQHrVs22cbbA2-pVqL2tQ4bRd5OslwqPMmvf7kSw8Vs

We will continue to ensure PIU Livewell members are treated fairly, especially in relation to our NHS colleagues. Our longstanding campaign for Livewell to open the NHS or local government pension scheme to all staff working for the organisation remains in place.

We have achieved a lot this year, with plenty more to do. The functions of UNISON reps are varied but rewarding.  You can opt to do as much or as little as you choose but remember it’s your union, please consider joining our small team. If you want UNISON to come to your workplace to talk to you individually or as a group, then please email daviddodd@nhs.net. We will of course come armed with pens, post its and other freebies as well as membership forms.

 Dave Dodd 

Lead UNISON Rep at Livewell SW