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The funding shortfall that councils are experiencing is having a devastating effect on local communities – UNISON’S latest research shows councils face a collective funding gap of over £3.5bn for 2024/25, forcing them to keep cutting essential services that people depend on. As the cost-of-living crisis continues, even greater strain will be placed on councils as their costs increase and demand grows for food banks and other support – and this is only going to get worse unless central government funding is provided.

UNISON has created an online tool to help you find out exactly how much funding will be cut from your local area – take a look and see how you’ll be affected: 

Visit our council cuts site
We’re calling on the government to give our local councils the funding boost they so desperately need to #SaveOurServices. 

You can ask your local MP, to show their support. With the Autumn budget statement scheduled for two weeks’ time (Wednesday 22 November) it’s a great opportunity to stand together and show your support!

Can you email your local representative today? We’ve provided a template letter – you just need to add your name, it takes 2 minutes: 

Contact your MP, MSP or MS