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Unison has policy to support a number of international social justice causes around the world. Often they have been linked to countries where trade unionists are persecuted and we have supported unions in Turkey and Columbia in recent times, and last year there was a rise in tensions around women’s rights in Iran which we spoke out on strongly.

But clearly the pressing international issue of the day is Palestine where we appear to be on the brink of what some fear will be a genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. The difference with this issue and many of the causes we take up is that our government seems to be supporting the war crimes being committed by the Israeli Government

UNISON supports the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel to allow the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance. The union condemns the rising death toll of Palestinian civilians – especially among children – caused by Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

We express our concern at the collapse of vital public services – particularly healthcare – and reiterate our call for the release of all the hostages being held by Hamas.

You can read the full national statement from UNISON here https://www.unison.org.uk/news/article/2023/10/unison-calls-for-immediate-ceasefire-in-gaza-and-israel/

This branch has already supported local protests that are taking place every Saturday Rally for a Ceasefire. 12 noon Place de Brest, Armada Way

Branches have been asked to encourage all our members to join in actions promoting peace and to that end we can pay for members who wish to travel to London next week (25th Nov) to support the national march on a bus organised by Plymouth TUC. Book here

Eventbrite link: https://coach25nov.eventbrite.co.uk

Coach leaving Plymouth at 6am

You can help with relief efforts too https://www.unison.org.uk/news/article/2023/11/branch-appeal-donate-to-aid-efforts-in-israel-and-gaza/

Please write to you MP as well as signing the various petitions that are circulating. https://palestinecampaign.eaction.online/ceasefirenow

There is also a local petition to Plymouth City Council to seriously consider it changes its bank from Barclays to a more ethical provider . Currently they have a lot of links with the Isreali Arms trade. You can if you like sign electronically. And share it on social media            https://chng.it/WCkydJT8wb