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The NJC Committee is recommending that members vote to reject the pay offer of £1290 following a brief sense check with branches and regions. It is another real terms pay cut for many of our members, does nothing to raise standards for the rest and represents less than half of our claim

The NJC Committee met on 22 May and agreed to consult members on the pay offer of a flat rate increase of £1,290 prior to any ballot for industrial action

The consultation will be run using the national digital consultative system. It will open from Wednesday 5 June. All members covered by the NJC for whom we hold an email address on RMS will be sent a personalised voting link by the end of that week. The digital consultation will close on Friday 28 June.

The consultation will be held on the basis of recommending that members vote to reject the offer as agreed by the NJC Committee, but of course we want everybody to vote including those who wish to accept the offer. Members who want to settle now and members who want to take action are both best served by registering the opinion in this ballot.

The pay consultation will open with members receiving a personalised email with a voting link for them to click on – this will take them directly to the webpage where they can vote to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the pay offer. There will be a series of national communications to members to encourage them to vote, and those who have already voted will be dropped from future communications.

We also plan to send out a text message during the consultation period so that members can vote from a link in the text message. Members who receive their emails on mobile phones can vote on their mobile devices. The platform will provide detailed information for the NJC Committee on both the turnout and ‘accept’/’reject’ votes at both a branch and, importantly, an employer level. This means that branches, regions and the NJC Committee will be able to see how strong members’ views are in relation to the pay offer and how engaged members are in the pay campaign. We have found that participation in pay consultations has gone up where we have run digital pay consultations.

Is the digital voting system secure? Yes the digital voting system is secure and confidential, and each member can only vote once. Members must not forward their email with their personalised voting link to any other members – it is only for them.

What if members don’t have an email address or a mobile phone number on RMS? If members don’t have email or a mobile phone number on RMS then they won’t be sent a personal voting by email. However, they can still vote and take part in the pay consultation. Members will be able to visit the council and school staff (NJC) digital consultation webpage and vote from there. The only difference is that they will need to verify their membership as each member can only vote once. Members will need to follow a link and enter their National Insurance (NI) Number or UNISON membership number and their date of birth (as recorded on RMS) and their surname in order to access their personalised vote.

Will new members get a vote in the digital consultation? All new members who join by 13 June 2024 will get a vote in the consultation. They will be sent their personalised link towards the end of the consultation period.

Joint TU Letter 5th June 2024