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It’s coal and a walnut in the stockings of hardworking HCAs again this year.

UNISON’s campaign to properly band HCAs for all the clinical work they do at band 3 has been bearing fruit all over the country, and we have even reached agreement with Livewell SW here in Plymouth.

UHTP know that have been underpaying many staff and have finally agreed to upgrade some (although not all) of the staff on band 2 that do clinical work

But the Scrooge award for this year goes to Derriford management who having stalled on this for so long have finally come up with an offer of Implementation from April 2023 and backpay to November 2022 for those who were in post that long.

Even with the understandable high turnover rate at the hospital most HCAs have still been in the post longer than that, but they are happy that you spent all those years (including through the pandemic) working on the cheap.

The fact that we have an offer at all is testament to the engagement with the campaign staff have shown over recent months, and now is the time to step it up.

UNISON will be holding some kind of consultation exercise on this shortly, so now is the time for members to show what they think of this minimal offer by organising to reject it, and for non union members to get involved by joining up and doing the same.

Unless of course you believe in ghosts

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