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You will be aware that UNISON has been in talks with the College over a cost of living pay rise that was due in August’s pay packet.

City College was not unique in being slow to act; the Assoc. of Colleges made no recommendation to Colleges across the country for some time, however, following the announcement of £470M of new funding to in part address low pay in the sector over the next couple of years a 6.5% recommendation has been made that CCP has agreed to offer to it’s employees.

This is not as great a rise as you might think as it barely covers the previous 12 month’s inflation, but it is an improvement on some offers we have had in previous years, and it comes with a commitment to fund a job evaluation process that will benefit many members next year. In addition they agreed to support national bargaining in the future including for workload agreements and to become a Foundation living wage employer.

UNISON has long called on the employer fix our broken pay structure, and to their credit the College has conducted a job evaluation exercise and discussions will now take place as to how this might be implemented.

The scheme used was that of FEDRA which specialises in FE so we are hopeful that a reasonable ranking of jobs will be produced, and we will support any members that are disappointed with the outcome. There will also be a Pay supplement policy for where these rates fail to meet market levels.

Of course we will be consulting members in more detail about the JE aspect and dealing with individual problems as information becomes available , but in the meantime we are consulting members on the final offer of 6.6% for  this year. We can only do this with members, so if you want a say on the offer now and the JE next year you will need to be a union member.

Some members have already shared their views at workplace meetings this week but if you weren’t able to get to those please e-mail n.marshall@plymouthinUNISON.org.uk by 5pm Friday13th October

All comments are welcome but if you don’t have much time then CCP Pay Agree/disagree will suffice


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